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Information Technology

Richard Bell

Do yourself a favour, world. If you’re ever going to write a blog post about how awesome someone is, make sure that the next time you see them, you recognize them. I wrote a blog post about an author who I knew once upon a time from when I worked in sales, and her publisher even linked to it. Then I saw her on the weekend, and I didn’t recognize her. *facepalm* So, because of that, I’m going to prove that I have a horrible memory by writing about my other favourite customer from my times at That Shithole. Imagine a strange man coming up to you in your workplace,… Read More »Richard Bell

Apple & Canadian English

Apple has a long history of hatred towards English Canada, and if Apple were a Quebec company, I might perhaps understand, but instead Apple is a corporation founded in the United States, who’s Canadian office is in Ontario1. Why they have this hatred, I don’t know, perhaps Apple is loyal to the concept of Manifest Destiny and wishes to see the United States of America stretch throughout the North American continent, or perhaps us north of the 49th2 just don’t even register on Apple’s radar. A HISTORY This post is mostly relevant to iOS, but I believe that it’s important enough to give some historical context. Starting with what I… Read More »Apple & Canadian English

iPhone 4

I got an iPhone 4. It’s my first smart phone. Signal The one thing everyone’s talking about and the one thing I most noticed with the iPhone is the signal, but it’s not what you might think. My old phone was using Telus’ old CDMA network, I couldn’t make a phone call or receive a phone call with much luck in my apartment. While I don’t live in Toronto’s downtown core, I’m not far from it. At Broadview and Danforth, if you can’t get a cell phone signal, that’s just pathetic. Now that I’m on Telus’ HSPA+ network (3G), my signal has drastically improved. You can call me if you… Read More »iPhone 4

I Hate Computers

My duty to the tech community must be filled, as often I find answers through our lovely friend “Google,” I figure if someone else runs into this kind of a problem they might want to search for a solution, too. Issue: Computer connects to wireless network, gets a DHCP lease, cannot access the internet. Cannot even ping local devices, with the exception of the router. Cannot telnet into router. Is able to see other computers on the network in the Finder’s sidebar through Bonjour. Cannot connect to devices. Other computers on local network can see, control, send messages, etc. through Apple Remote Desktop 3. Computer: MacBook Pro 15″ Mid 2009… Read More »I Hate Computers

Canada Cry

I did a bit of PHP scripting today. I decided to write a WordPress1 plugin, one which turns : canadacry : into    . YES! The platform which this blog is powered on. [↩]

I’m not too fond of Bell Canada

Got home yesterday, saw a brick propping open the door to my building. Then walking down the hallway, I saw a panel removed from the wall, and inside were telephone cables. I assumed Bell was there doing some work. I went to my apartment, noticed that I had no internet, not only that, on my modem, the DSL sync light wasn’t even flashing, it was just off. I assumed my dry loop was just inactive, as the Bell guys were doing work. I left my apartment, as I had stuff to do, but the Bell bozos were nowhere to be found. When I returned half an hour later, the Bell… Read More »I’m not too fond of Bell Canada

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15 facts about breasts… mmm, breasts. (Found through The Daily What) ZOMG! Muppet cupcakes! Gizmodo takes a look at historical piracy. Purty pictures. Barcelona Pavilion interviewed by Eye at Wavelength 500. Thanks @rochlatinsky What moron designed these airports? Can I put one in my iPod, yet?

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It’s been a rather mild winter. Expectations versus reality. Neko Case, will you marry me? What inspired Carrie Brownstein to be a musician? As someone in IT at a school… WE DON’T DO THIS! (via Cynical-C)

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Above, NPR inverview Stephin Merritt & Claudia Gonson. Carrie Brownstein, will you marry me? Okay, we’ve never met, and it would be slightly awkward that my best friend has the same first name as me, and his wife has the same first name as you, but does that really matter? Your love of The Magnetic Fields is enough for me. Oh, and while we’re on the topic, your amazingness as part of Sleater-Kinney doesn’t hurt. With a Gold in hand for Canada, 3000km away in the country’s largest city (and my city), the CN Tower goes gold. Mechanical Forest Sound posts a new Gentleman Reg song. Thanks Joe! Apparently Canadians… Read More »Linky Link

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The Oatmeal presents, 10 Types of Crappy Interviewees Soup delivered to your door (in Toronto),  but the soup doesn’t render properly in Safari, or maybe the site doesn’t. (via Terri) Facebook adopts Jabber for chat protocol, allowing me to ditch the buggy as hell Facebook chat function in Adium. Frank Chromewaves looks at Toronto’s Magnetic Fields show. Yes I’m calling him Frank Chromewaves! Buck 65 & Valery Gore make a song. If you like Buck 65, you might dig it. If you never understood the appeal of Buck 65, but a fan of Valery, you’ll shrug your shoulders and go “meh.” (via Valery Gore) Rick Mercer explains How Parliament Works. Hint:… Read More »Linky Link