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Doctor Who Story 273 – Empress of Mars

That’s not the right NASA font, I don’t think. Oh, British people. The TARDIS stole Nardole. And here I was hoping he would get a full episode. I am enjoying Victorians on Mars. I like that there’s a lady Ice Warrior. HAHAHAHA! It’s Alpha Centauri from “The Curse of Peladon”.

Doctor Who Story 272 – The Lie of the Land

Yeah, I don’t know why this, 270 and 271 are not one story. Oh well, too many blog posts. Monks being there throughout all human history means my culture and no others would have ever developed. I would have been happy with a season of just the Doctor and Nardole. I don’t remember this episode at all. God, I hate the voiceover. Missy is great. Kill Bill! Awww, mommy saves the world. Toppling statues… they should grab Ryerson while they’re at it, and all the statues of Queen Victoria.

Doctor Who Story 271 – The Pyramid at the End of the World

I don’t know why this is considered a separate story from 270. It feels like the same one. But I go by wikipedia. The Doctor being blind is not a good story. It’s very poorly done and I have no investment in it, as I know it won’t last. The Doctor is an asshole to Nardole. I also think they’ve overdone the President of Earth thing. It was fun with a Lethbridge-Stewart, but much less fun with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. I thought the Americans were also there, so they have the Chinese, the Russian and the UN, as if the UN is a surrogate for America? It’s… Read More »Doctor Who Story 271 – The Pyramid at the End of the World

Doctor Who Story 269 – Oxygen

Space, the final frontier. Final because it wants to kill us. The Doctor. What? What are you on? If you’re going to steal from Star Trek, don’t make a shambles of it. It’s the final frontier because it’s the last place to explore. Well, Ivan can’t hear her, so something horrible will happen to her while the camera is on Ivan. Oh, looks like we will see it. At least Nardole is here to travel. Nardole saying “cuddle” as he hugs the Doctor and Bill. I really enjoy that. Also, I want a nice cuddle.

Doctor Who Story 268 – Knock Knock

Who’s there? Creepy dude offers you to use his house… run away. Poor guy getting killed off before the opening credits. I wish I could have a TARDIS to help me move, but then again, I’d just have a TARDIS to live in. Aww, he has a crush on Bill. He’s gonna be disappointed when he learns she likes ladies. That kitchen!! Bill calling the Doctor “grandfather” is very Susan.

Doctor Who Story 267 – Thin Ice

They reason her being black and being okay in the 19th century too easily… they did the same with Martha. As a Jew I wouldn’t want to go to 19th century England. Hell, I don’t know if I want to be in 21st century Canada. We need to progress past the racist people. How is that a screwdriver? Bill asks the Doctor, and she’s right. I miss Nardole. Why are the Doctor and Bill’s SCUBA suits not self-contained. Is the first two letters in the acronym, and it would probably make their lives easier… Also why no communication system between suits. Would be nice if they could talk to one… Read More »Doctor Who Story 267 – Thin Ice

Doctor Who Story 266 – Smile

I’m liking Bill this time around. I think my hatred of Clara rubbed off on Bill. “The skeleton crew.” Oh god, Doctor, that was bad. The Doctor essentially just committed genocide… again.

Doctor Who Story 265 – The Pilot

Aww, pictures of River and Susan on his desk. So many screwdrivers. I love the doctor as a lecturer. Bill’s mom is a babe! I like the doctor’s hoodie. She still needs a washroom. These Daleks have terrible aim.

Doctor Who Story 264 – The Return of Doctor Mysterio

That kid is bad at fake sneezing. Capaldi is good at hanging upside down. I enjoy Capaldi with children. Nice reference to Siegel and Shuster. Didn’t Nardole get decapitated? He reminds me of Otis. There’s a lot about this that reminds me of the 1978 Superman, and I fully encourage that. I forgot how much I enjoyed this episode. Oh, there we go, Capaldi glued his head back on.