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Bow ties

Tying a tie. Photo by Nicholas Warzin

How to tie a bow tie

So we all know that bow ties are cool. Right? Right. I get a lot of questions when I wear bow ties. The most common question is whether it’s a pre-tied tie, or if I tied it myself. As someone who knows how to tie a bow tie, I can’t fathom any reason someone would wear a pre-tied bow tie. it’s like someone older than 10 wearing a pre-tied tie. Silly, right? The difference is that any man older than 16 should know how to tie a tie, but it’s much rarer to know how to tie a bow tie. The second question I often get is how I learned… Read More »How to tie a bow tie

Self portrait

As Rocktober told you, I was in Montreal and I bought a new sweater vest. In addition to that. I fell, smashed my face in and broke my glasses. Ouch. As a result, I went to my doctor, and he was kind enough to fit my lenses into replacement frames… this time they were in blue. Lovely Jai Kudo 507s. I decided to buy a second pair, just because I’ve been wanting to own two pairs of glasses for some time… excluding my shades. Thanks to lots of help from Twitter. I decided on a pair of Ted Baker B844 in grey. They’re purple on the interior. I’m wondering if… Read More »Self portrait