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Denys Arcand

Get Down Tonight

I got home, and I found this in my mailbox. I was thoroughly confused. I hadn’t ordered any tickets from Ticketmaster, recently, but this was obviously from Ticketmaster. Well, it was obviously for me, it had my address on it. I guess it’s time to open it up. I tore open the envelope, I opened up the tickets, and what did I find in there? Yes, I found two tickets to see KC & The Sunshine Band. Was this some practical joke? Did someone I know really buy me tickets to see KC, and not tell me? I decided to rip open the front area and see the name on the address label. It wasn’t anyone… Read More »Get Down Tonight

Le Déclin de l’empire américain

Le Declin de l’empire americain is a film about eight friends who work together in the History department of the Université de Montréal. These four men and four women share two other things in common, they speak French, and they’re perverted. One of these two things I also share with them1. While the women are at the gym discussing their sex lives, the men are at home cooking for the women. They regale one another with stories of their conquests and flashbacks to their trysts. While Diane tells of her new lover Mario, with whom she has gone to new levels of lust and submission; Pierre tells of his experiences trolling… Read More »Le Déclin de l’empire américain

Jésus de Montréal

Denys Arcand’s 1989 film Jésus de Montréal is a classic Canadian film about an actor who is hired by a church to put on a play about the life of Jesus Christ. Daniel (Lothaire Bluteau) plays the role of Christ in the play, he doesn’t stick to the story of Christ that the Church wishes to be told, and instead attempts for more historical accuracy. Daniel’s story follows that of Christ, from the beginning of the film, until the end. Arcand outdid himself with a film that is a masterpiece. Lothaire Bluteau is wonderful as Daniel, even if you don’t understand a single word he utters. This is an essential… Read More »Jésus de Montréal