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Oh no! iPhone

A few days ago I realized that I haven’t changed my iPhone password since I first purchased the device a year and a half ago. So I did what any normal person would do, I changed my password. After that I spent two days typing in my old password, getting rejected, and putting in the new password. No problem. I’d get used to the password. I was out at the Horseshoe Tavern with two thirds of Daniel, Fred, and Julie, and a friend of Julie’s from Hot Docs1. I was using my phone, I was still entering the wrong password initially and then putting in the right one, and all… Read More »Oh no! iPhone

iPhone Ringtones

Time for a non-Rocktober post. I’ve made some ringtones for my iPhone, and I thought I’d share. Yes I’m infringing on some copyright with these, but I hope the BBC, Nintendo, Stephin Merritt, Apple, and the TTC will forgive me. The Magnetic Fields – “BBC Radiophonic Workshop” Doctor Who Theme (Christopher Eccleston era) Doctor Who Theme (William Hartnell era)¬† Super Mario Bros. coin sound The Magnetic Fields – “One April Day” Sloan – “Cheap Champaign” Tetris music TTC door chime¬†


We live in the future! Things keep on popping up in my everyday life that just hammer in the fact that we live in the future. I was reading a book on my telephone. (A PDF displayed on my iPhone) Geordi’s PADD is real! Honestly, the real one is quite a bit cooler than the fictional one. (iPad) At my finger tips, I can see exactly where my friends are. (Google Latitude, Foursquare, Facebook Place) The news of the world comes to me, and I can sift through it as I like. (Google Reader) Celebrities talk to us. (Twitter, or specifically.) I can make a telephone call… from a boat… Read More »Future

iPhone 4

I got an iPhone 4. It’s my first smart phone. Signal The one thing everyone’s talking about and the one thing I most noticed with the iPhone is the signal, but it’s not what you might think. My old phone was using Telus’ old CDMA network, I couldn’t make a phone call or receive a phone call with much luck in my apartment. While I don’t live in Toronto’s downtown core, I’m not far from it. At Broadview and Danforth, if you can’t get a cell phone signal, that’s just pathetic. Now that I’m on Telus’ HSPA+ network (3G), my signal has drastically improved. You can call me if you… Read More »iPhone 4