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Jorjie Turner

Curtis from Twitch City

Doctor Who Story xx – K-9 (as much as I could find)

Apparently Australia made a K-9 show. They redesigned K-9 and he looks horrible. I’m afraid, but HERE WE GO! I hope the theme is as good as K-9 and Company. Well, I pressed play, and it is not. Regeneration Apparently this takes place in 2050. RoboCop! Close the door behind you. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! K-9 is adorable. The professor has a condition and can’t leave his house? And he’s played by a Canadian? Why didn’t they get Don McKellar to play this character? The floating regenerated K-9 is terrible. He looks like a cartoon. They should bath Richard Starkey so he doesn’t smell for the Ninja Turtles. That felt… Read More »Doctor Who Story xx – K-9 (as much as I could find)