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Mac OS X

macOS Sierra Beta

Apple has been seeding developer previews of macOS Sierra (10.12) since the Worldwide Developer Conference in June. I installed developer preview 6 and have been using that and version 7 since their release. Fortunately, everything seems to be running quite well. One of the features of 10.12 is Siri on your Mac. The one thing I use Siri for the most is the clock functions. Timers and alarms. I tried setting a timer on my Mac using Siri, and there’s no functionality for that in 10.12. Perhaps Apple will add this functionality. In the mean time we are seeing SiriKit being made available to iOS developers in iOS 10, so… Read More »macOS Sierra Beta

MacBooks Pro and Windows 7

I recently purchased some MacBooks Pro. Unfortunately at work we’re still using Mac OS X 10.6, as 10.7 isn’t very good in an Open Directory environment. Fortunately the newest MacBooks can have 10.6 installed on them. I used NetRestore to image the computers, and all was good. Except 11 of these computers were going to be used with Hebrew users. You might not know that Hebrew is written from right to left, and sadly Mac OS X is not the most friendly with right to left languages. So I needed to run BootCamp. Here’s the problem. You launch 10.6’s BootCamp and it says that it can’t run on that generation… Read More »MacBooks Pro and Windows 7

I Hate Computers

My duty to the tech community must be filled, as often I find answers through our lovely friend “Google,” I figure if someone else runs into this kind of a problem they might want to search for a solution, too. Issue: Computer connects to wireless network, gets a DHCP lease, cannot access the internet. Cannot even ping local devices, with the exception of the router. Cannot telnet into router. Is able to see other computers on the network in the Finder’s sidebar through Bonjour. Cannot connect to devices. Other computers on local network can see, control, send messages, etc. through Apple Remote Desktop 3. Computer: MacBook Pro 15″ Mid 2009… Read More »I Hate Computers