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Doctor Who Story 265 – The Pilot

Aww, pictures of River and Susan on his desk. So many screwdrivers. I love the doctor as a lecturer. Bill’s mom is a babe! I like the doctor’s hoodie. She still needs a washroom. These Daleks have terrible aim.

Doctor Who Story 264 – The Return of Doctor Mysterio

That kid is bad at fake sneezing. Capaldi is good at hanging upside down. I enjoy Capaldi with children. Nice reference to Siegel and Shuster. Didn’t Nardole get decapitated? He reminds me of Otis. There’s a lot about this that reminds me of the 1978 Superman, and I fully encourage that. I forgot how much I enjoyed this episode. Oh, there we go, Capaldi glued his head back on.

Doctor Who Story 263 – The Husbands of River Song

Really? Humans are still celebrating Christmas in the 54th century? I hate Doctor Who some times. Also, hi Nardol! The Doctor being playful to River is fun. River Song is married to the Taskmaster? I miss Taskmaster, maybe season 12 will be soon. Her new husband is cute. The Doctor being shocked by the TARDIS is so great. Close the door behind you. Aww, it’s David Tennant’s sonic screwdriver. :(