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Rancho Relaxo

Arizona Lily

NXNE Part 4: Arizona Lily

I was surprised by a friend when she handed me two North By Northeast wristbands. I promptly started scouring the NXNE schedule, these are the stories. Arizona Lily 13 JUNE 2013, 8PM Rancho Relaxo I don’t really have much to say, since bass player Jessica is my friend.  Jessica looks like a smurf in this lighting. Oh Rancho, you do so many things terribly, lighting is amongst them.

TWM – Cheap Speakers, Brent Randall & Mark Bragg

Another Tuesday night, another adventure at Rancho Relaxo, thanks to Dan Wolovick and his excellent booking skills, Rancho is the place to be. Unfortunately it has horrible lighting. Either way, The Cheap Speakers, Brent Randall & His Pinecones and Mark Bragg all played a great night.