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Rhys Williams

Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood series 4: Miracle Day

The New World Bill Pullman was terrible in that intro scene. I thought I was done with Russell T. Davies’ obsession with talking head news reports. This season and one more season of Sarah Jane and then no more Davies. Why is his lawyer not having this discussion with the guy from the Governor’s office? It’s a trap, Gwen. Running away from Jack is always a good idea. That’s a shitty doctor who wants to cut off someone’s head. I don’t think the CIA can extradite Torchwood. Rendition Why the hell are Cardiff police helping? So is he going to heal? Wayne Knight is in this? This CIA agent is… Read More »Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood series 4: Miracle Day

Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood: Children of Earth

Tonight’s The Night This is a mini-episode of Doctor Who that aired between “Planet of the Dead” and series 3 of Torchwood. Since it’s Jack in the TARDIS, I’m going to lump it in with Torchwood. That was terrible, until David Tennant showed up. Day One It’s Malcolm fucking Tucker! Aka, the Doctor! Rhys is always an asshole, even to children. Does everyone in Cardiff know about Torchwood and what they do? Those people in a hospital not wearing masks is wrong. I’m too surrounded by COVID. The laser sutures should be commercialized. Someone’s in Vancouver. Vancouver is great. Would be so much better if Martha was able to be… Read More »Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood: Children of Earth