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Toshiko Sato

Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood series 2

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang I’ve gotta say, the old lady saying “Bloody Torchwood,” might be my favourite part of the series. SPIKE! He breezed into that bar. Gwen needs to tell Jack that he needs to be honest with her if she’s ever going to trust him again. Oh fuck you, Jack! Stop telling people that your history doesn’t matter. The stupid western vibe is ridiculous, but I enjoy it. Glad Doctor Who has some good make-outs, thanks to Torchwood. Oh, Ianto is having none of Jack’s bullshit. Maybe not, he did accept his date. Aww, he killed Jack. :( Is it good to throw a bomb into the rift?… Read More »Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood series 2

Doctor Who Story x – Torchwood series 1

Everything Changes That theme is terrible. Now that I’ve seen Gwen, I’m remembering how much I hate her boyfriend/husband/whatever. Jack! She’s holding a coffee, the dude, just asks if he can have it. “There’s no procedure any more, it’s a fucking disgrace.” Yeah, you’re right. Don’t take other people’s drinks. Hahaha, Jack doesn’t know how to pronounce estrogen. I’m watching a show with Susie in it, This Way Up. Watching it because of Aisling Bea. She’s great. Ahh, there’s the terrible boyfriend/husband/whatever. Gwen is weirdly hot in a white collared shirt and tie. It was midday, why was there a bar fight at that time? I bet her long hair… Read More »Doctor Who Story x – Torchwood series 1