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Who you gonna weep on, who you gonna sleep on, who you gonna creep on next?

So I should start with an apology. My post about Thrush Hermit, was kinda horrible. Here’s the thing, I don’t go into these blog posts and think to myself, “what do I want to say?” No! I just write! Yeah! Damn you professional writers and your craft, NO! This is my language and I can write what I wanna write. What was I saying? Giraffe? No. Oh yeah, Thrush Hermit. Yeah, that post sucked. It just kinda ended. That was no narrative structure, it just rambled, and rambled, and rambled, and rambled, and rambled. I had a point. I think. Yeah, it was horrible. It was supposed to say that Thrush Hermit are awesome and equal to more than the sum of their parts. See if I had an audience of more than one1, then I might care more. However, if I cared more, then I might have an audience of more than one2. No, that would be bad. If people actually read this than it might cause problems. They’d expect stuff, and when I wouldn’t deliver they’d complain. No! Settle for mediocrity. That’s my motto.

Now that that’s out of the way. I ask you, all a very important question, but first! First you need an explanation. You see, I have this friend, his name is Adam3. I posed a question, asking, “What should I listen to?” and this wonderful and charming man said “Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem.” I thought, “YES!” Who wouldn’t?

So I want to know, who’s your favourite member of the Electric Mayhem?

Is it Dr. Teeth (keys)?

How about Floyd Pepper (bass)?

Janice (guitar)?

Animal (drums)?

Zoot (sax)?

The new guy, er, Lips (trumpet)?

Their manager, Scotter?

Tell me, comment!

  1. Hi Mom! []
  2. Hi Mom! []
  3. He’s not actually me, we just share a name. There’s a lot of Adams []

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