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Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.

On the weekend, I went to Massey Hall with the ever famous Millers. There was a gentleman who stood on the stage for hours on end ranting at us. His name was Eddie Izzard and he was rather funny. He talked to us about the Queen1, God, and a summer he spent in Ontario as a kid. He’s a really funny man, he talked about Charles Darwin’s book “Great Expectations,” which led him to Darwin’s better and more famous book “Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.”

Most importantly, I believe that Izzard put forward a very good question, if the universe was created through Intelligent Design, then why is there poo or pee? Why are we not all herbivores who would never have seen or even contemplated the thought of murder? Both are very good questions.

  1. Apparently Prince Phillip hurt his foot. Poor guy. []

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