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I’ve liked you for a thousand years…

Scott Pilgrim saw a woman in the Wychwood Library and he fell in love. The woman was Ramona Flowers, an American who had recently moved to Toronto. She was working for Amazon, as a delivery girl, and Scott used this knowledge to get her to him, and get her to go out with him. Shortly after their relationship starts, Scott learns he must defeat her seven evil exes if he wants to keep her. Books one through five chronicle his journey in defeating the first six of her evil-exes1

In Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, Pilgrim faces the final evil ex, Gideon.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, it’s basically an old-school video game which is not grounded in the real world. The only thing remotely realistic about this is how well and accurate O’Malley draws and represents Toronto.

Scot is an asshole. He’s been an asshole to all the previous women in his life; he’s been an asshole to Wallace, his roommate and best friend; he’s been an asshole to his band, Sex Bob-omb; and he’s even been an asshole to his girlfriend Ramona. Yet we still like the character, I have no idea why, because he doesn’t deserve any compassion, but O’Malley does a great job of making Pilgrim’s personality something we can overlook.

Spoilers ahoy.

In this final book, we learn that Ramona is an asshole, too. Sigh. That’s good, however, because when Scott and Ramona end up together at the end of the book, we can be happy that they’ve both grown and learned from their pasts, and that they deserve one another.

O’Malley did a rather good job of wrapping up the Pilgrim storyline. The main characters all resolve their issues with their surrounding supporting characters who then go on to leave full productive lives. Here’s hoping the film does just as well as a job at wrapping up the story, seeing as the script was written before the final book.

  1. Two are a set of twins, so they get to share a book. []

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