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Criminal Records

Dear Criminal Records,
When you first opened, there wasn’t any gap in the Toronto record store scene. We had Rotate This, Soundscapes, Sonic Boom, we might have even had Sam’s still. Toronto’s music nerds were happy. Then you opened, I remember seeing your sign on Queen Street and being excited for this new record store, even though I had no use for ANOTHER one. Then one day, I went in, I was greeted with incredible prices, fantastic selection, wonderful staff/owners, and a lot of vinyl. Though we didn’t need another record store, we learned we needed a great record store, and you showed Toronto how amazing one can be.

It’s been years now, and today you close your doors for good. As I entered the store I immediately saw friends, all gathering around with their purchases saying goodbye to a Toronto institution. It was bittersweet flipping through the racks, seeing many albums that I wanted, it reminded me of the first time Sam The Record Man closed.

Some good did come out of today’s sad affair, I did walk away with a handful of records. I’m now going to listen to them and weep.



For those interested, records acquired are:

  • Paul McCartney – “We All Stand Together” 7″
  • Fran Healy – “Wreckorder”
  • Little Scream – “The Golden Record”
  • Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”
  • Mount Eerie – “Black Wooden”
  • Papercuts – “Fading Parade”
  • R.E.M. – “Chronic Town”
  • Stereolab – “Not Music”

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