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Goodbye Bell

Dear Bell,
I’ve been debating parting ways with your service for a while now, as is evidence by my last blog post. I decided to call and ask you straight up. What are you willing to do to keep me as a customer? I called.

Contact #1 (10:28am): I spoke with a support agent in the billing department. This woman was nice and polite, and said that there was nothing she could do for me, but transfer me to the Loyalty Department. I was okay with this, and sat on hold for half an hour as I waited for my call to be transferred. Eventually I put through to the Loyalty Department, I spoke with a woman who was somewhat helpful, and seemed as if she genuinely wanted to keep me as a client. Then she put me on hold as she had to research the options. Then I heard “beep beep beep” and the call ended. Shit. I didn’t want to call back and sit on hold for half an hour.

Contact #2: I tried the web chat. I sat for a short while waiting for a rep to speak to me. I finally got one, and after explaining the previous call, asked her to have the loyalty department contact me. She told me she can’t make outgoing calls. I told her to ask her supervisor to take care of this. She said no. I told her to ask her supervisor’s supervisor to take care of this. Eventually she tried to help me, and told me not to change plans, as I have unlimited bandwidth. I got frustrated by her lack of understanding, and poor written English, and closed the chat window.

Contact #3 (11:28am): This call, according to my iPhone log only took 22 minutes. I spoke with a rep in the billing department. gave him my information, asked to have the loyalty department call me. He informs me that the loyalty department is closed on Sundays… wtf?!?! I ask to speak to a manager. He assures me he can help me. I tell him what’s going on, he transfers me to the loyalty department. I wait on the line. Eventually he gets through, and as soon as he hangs up from the now-threeway call… “beep beep beep” I’m disconnected.

Contact #3 (11:52am): This time I don’t take no for an answer. I tell the woman that I’ve been hung up on twice, that I’ve provided my contact information four times, and I must speak with her manager. I start off by giving him my callback number. I tell him what’s happened, and he answers by promising to have them call me. We hang up.

Contact #4 (12:20pm): The supervisor calls me back, tells me he has someone from the Loyalty department on the line for me. I say hello to the gentleman, we talk for a few seconds, supervisor disconnects… “beep beep beep” I’m disconnected.

Contact #5 (12:31pm): I contact them, tell them to have their supervisor, the one I was previously speaking to call me back.

I’m still waiting. If I don’t hear back in 30 minutes. I’m calling to cancel. Even if I have to go a month without home internet as I wait for TekSavvy’s cable to be available in my neighbourhood. I’m cancelling. These fuckwads can go and shove it up their collective ass, I’m cancelling. I’ve been paying them monthly for over eight years, and this is the loyalty they show me? I’m fucking cancelling.

Yours Truly,
Adam M. Anklewicz

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