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SOPA & PIPA (An open letter)

To: John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs
cc: Steven Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Carolyn Bennett, Member of Parliament St. Paul’s
Peter Kent, Member of Parliament Thornhill

Minister Baird,

I’m writing to you this morning as a technology professional. I am the IT Manager for *insert school name here*. As you’re aware, technology plays a large factor in the lives of our children. They are growing up and watching the world change all around them. The children in our school are fortunate enough to have easy access to desktop and laptop computers, as well as tablet devices for them to use within school. In their home lives most of them have access to computers, tablets, smartphones, and the list of devices connected to the Internet is ever increasing.
The useful of this global community of ideas and knowledge is only useful as a dynamic community-driven platform of innovation. The United States Senate and Congress have each tabled separate bills which threaten the open Internet as we know it. These bills Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) are well intentioned acts meant to stop piracy, sadly anyone with knowledge of the core framework of the Internet will know that they are unable to accomplish their intended desires. While they are unable to stop unlawful piracy, the legislations do further damage by limiting innovation and tying the hands of smaller startups, preventing the Internet from evolving, preventing ideas from growing, and preventing community-driven content from flourishing.
As Canadians we have little say in the internal politics of foreign nations, but when a law is tabled which affects the wider world, Canada must standup. Canada must use its voice with our best friend, our closest ally, and our largest trading parter. Canada has a voice through the Ministry of Foreign affairs, and Mr. Baird, I hope you use that voice. Speak out against PIPA & SOPA, stand up for Canadian innovation, and global community.

Adam M. Anklewicz
I.T. Manager
*insert school name here*


1 thought on “SOPA & PIPA (An open letter)”

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I agree with the letter sent by Mr. Adam M. Anklewics with regards to the US SOPA and PIPA proposed legislation.
    Give us liberty, not death.

    Marjanne Vrijmoed

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