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Oscarpalooza – Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Apparently in 1993, in the United States, three young boys were murdered. Shortly afterward, three teenagers were arrested, tried, and convicted of these murders. One of whom was sentenced to lethal injection1.

Back then, apparently an HBO documentary was made, and questioned the trial, and the guilt of the teenagers. It got a lot of attention. Then they made a follow up. I didn’t see either of these films, but since the third one was nominated for an Oscar, here we go…

17 years later, they’re still in prison. They’ve been appealing and appealing to no end. The same judge is still overseeing, and he won’t reopen the case. It goes on and on.

It’s an interesting documentary. I’d imagine that anyone who’s seen the first two would be bored to tears, as I don’t imagine that there’s too much new material in this. They do update the viewer, and we watch as they finally go free.

Worth seeing? Probably not. Interesting? Somewhat.

  1. What the hell, America?!?! []

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