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Mike O’Neill @ Soundscapes

One of the disadvantages to going to a small show, without a stage, where you can see the set list, is the disappointment when Mike O’Neill doesn’t play “Andy” or “Camera Shy,” two of your favourite songs from his debut solo record What Happens Now? He did play “Alsatian” and “Are We Waiting,” however, so better than nothing.

Mike O’Neill might be known to many of you as the bass player/songwriter from the bass and drum combo The Inbreds. Since the Inbreds break in the late ’90s, O’Neill has spent most of his time working in film, but he has released three records, What Happens Now?, The Owl, and Wild Lines. You might also recognize him from his role in Trailer Park Boys as Thomas Collins, if you watched that show.

Most of the songs O’Neill did play are from his new record Wild Lines. I think my favourite of the new record’s songs is “This Is Who I Am” which the band did a great job of. O’Neill was backed by The Pinecones, which makes perfect sense, as both bands have been making music in the style of McCartney for some time. Both bands have been known to cover McCartney songs, too1.

I’m sitting in a middle of a seminar, learning how to use some tools in XCode, and it’s distracting, so I’ll call it a day here, and put in dates for upcoming shows.

Mike O’Neill will be playing again on Tuesday March 20, 2012 at 11pm at The Horseshoe Tavern. The show is free.

The Inbreds will be playing during Canadian Music Fest on Saturday March 24, 2012 at midnight at Lee’s Palace. The show is $17.50.

  1. O’Neill will play “Junk,” and The Pinecones play “Monkberry Moon Delight.” []

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