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Alex P. Keaton

familyties1I sometimes feel like I’m surrounded by Alex P. Keaton.

Conservatives are everywhere. The generation that grew up before me were fighting against the hippies before them. So they went right wing. We had Reagan in the States, Mulroney up here, Thatcher in the United Kingdom. Ugh.

I recently listened to a student talk about social justice, but the framework she used for her discussion was economics. It kind of disgusted me that the discussion wasn’t how to help people, but how to make things better for business to help the economy, to in turn help the people.

The logic of trickle-down economics have been discussed over and over again, and danger of wealth inequality has been drummed loud and clear. I could cite sources, but I’m lazy. I remember something perhaps from the IMF, a few universities. I dunno. You do the research. Comment down below.

But this bothers me. It means people are putting corporations ahead of people.

That’s not cool.

Currently I give financially to non-profits and I don’t generally talk about it, I think I now need to talk about it. I think I also need to be more active and actually do stuff. Rather than just help with my wallet, help physically.

Some organizations I donate to that you could donate to, too.

Toronto Public Library Foundation The Leo Baeck Day School Canadian Cancer Society Heart and Stroke Foundation

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