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Doctor Who Serial 081 – Planet of Evil

Part One

This might be the best soundstage design I’ve seen on Doctor Who. There’s a mission on this soundstage. The crew are being picked up one by one by an invisible force that makes its victims vanish.

Sarah and the Doctor show up, and of course, they are assumed to be the perpetrators. They are captured and threatened with torture. Sarah and the Doctor escape only to find the invisible monster… who is slightly visible now?

Part Two

The Doctor and Sarah are on the run, they see another person die. They get captured. We find out that the scientist has discovered that plundering this planet will get humans all the energy they need. The Doctor and Sarah are recaptured, as they always do. The Doctor is convinced they crossed from one universe to another and this planet is the gateway to the anti-matter universe. He has to convince them that removing any of the anti-matter from the planet will lead to pure doom.

Many things to note. Sarah’s mom jeans are not doing her a good job, but that denim vest, yowzah! Maybe it’s the Canadian in me. The Doctor is not giving any reason for the humans to trust him. The scene of Sarah trailing behind the Doctor holding on to his scarf is classic. The flying saucer surveillance drone with a human eye is horrible.

Part Three

Wow these people seem to have accepted a portal between universes quickly enough, if only as a way to accept the Doctor’s death. But he’s not dead, just passing through a portal.

Sarah rescues the Doctor. The spaceship holds off on launching and goes to rescue them. And the scientist becomes evil… I assume red eyes mean he’s evil.

Now the crew of the ship are on the side of the the Doctor and “the girl” when the scientist tries to blame them. And now the scientist got the crew on his side. These people flip faster than a thing that flips quickly.

This episode is ridiculous.

Part Four

Okay, now they know for sure that the Doctor and Sarah are not responsible for the deaths, as there was another one while they were waiting their execution.

Turns out the scientist is infected by anti-quarks. Well, that explains why he’s now evil.

I have no idea what’s happening now. The scientist is split in multiple pieces, some are invisible, one looks like a caveman? The Doctor took the caveman away in the TARDIS? This makes no fucking sense? How high were the writers?

I’m going to take a brief Doctor Who break. I don’t know for how long. I’m thinking just a couple of weeks, but who knows, it could turn into years.

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