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Doctor Who Serial 091 – The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Part One

Let’s start with racism. Holy shit. All the supporting Chinese characters are played by Chinese actors, but the main one is played by John Bennett, the whitest British actor you can imagine. I am tempted to just skip this episode, but it is considered to be one of the best. From now on we will be referring to Weng-Chiang as Racist Depiction of Asian Person.

That woman plays an impeccable witch.

“Carrying a body, a European body,” at least they’re right about cops being racist.

Rat hair, long rat hair, that seems improbable, but apparently Racist Depiction of Asian Person is the “god of abundance” and can “make things grow.”

Part Two

Why are they trusting the Doctor in the mortuary. Isn’t he a suspect?

The theatre owner has the greatest nose I’ve ever seen.

Oh, Racist Depiction of Asian Person is in service of another. Oh, his lord is a time traveler from the future.

Big Nose got hypnotized to remember the hypnotism that made him forget.

Can I just say that this is the shittiest Muppet I have ever seen. Kermit would be crying.

Leela’s culinary skills are fun.

“One thing I can swear is he was a Chinese.” *facepalm*

SHIT! The Muppet is going to kill Leela!

Part Three

Leela’s taken out shitty Muppet without breaking a sweat. That’s my problem with Doctor Who cliffhangers, they are never actually difficult for our heroes to get out of.

The Doctor wants an elephant gun. He’s going hunting.

Leela’s gonna meet the giant rat.

Big Nose is worried about “missing females.” I think he might be a Ferengi, but they’re big ears.

All while I’m watching this Doctor Who, I’m also in the #Toronto channel of the MacAdmins slack, and it’s a bloody rollercoaster in there. Things working, not working, working again, not working. Woo, oh, the episode ended.

Part Four

HAHAHA! That rat is amazing!

The Doctor is very prescient.

There’s a dead man in the box!

Part Five

That’s a pretty evil laugh.

They’ve got the time cabinet.

Ugly Muppet is the worst thing Doctor Who has ever done.

Run Big Nose!

I don’t believe either of those dumb waiters have enough strength to lift themselves in a dumb waiter.

The evil dude is disfigured, oh, that explains why he’s evil. *facepalm*

Part Six

Jelly baby?

Wow, this guy is so desperate. How did he ever get as far as he did?

Wait, he was the Minister of Justice? He’s a whiny baby.

Ugly Muppet is defying his master. I’m not sure why.

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