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Doctor Who Serial 094 – Image of the Fendahl

Part One

These scientists have obviously never heard of time travel. That skull could have belonged to a time traveller. Oooo-wee-oooo

Well that is why K9 isn’t in this episode. The Doctor broke him.

Leela’s wearing the most boob-a-licious dress I’ve seen in a while. How come the Doctor never wears such a low cut top. I think Tom Baker could’ve pulled it off.

There’s something so lovely about Tom Baker’s voice.

Part Two

How are there so many people in the Whoniverse who can convince other people not to call the cops?

Part Three

The skull is hypnotizing the Doctor, take your hand off of it.

Part Four

I have no idea what is going on. Maybe I shouldn’t have spent all of episode three looking at Boaty Weekender passes that I can’t afford or justify.

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