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Doctor Who Serial 155 – Survival

Well, here we are. This is the final story of the original run of Doctor Who. 26 seasons. In the words of Christopher Eccleston, fantastic!

Ups and downs. Highs and lows. I’m gonna rank my Doctors, I think:

  1. Patrick Troughton
  2. Tom Baker
  3. Sylvester McCoy
  4. Peter Davison
  5. William Hartnell
  6. Jon Pertwee
  7. Colin Baker

So let’s crack into “Survivor!”

Part One

I’ve known a great kitty who had black fur, and I can assure you, THAT is NOT a kitty cat.

How come Ace is from Perivale and not Perry.

Military self-defence asshole is an asshole.

The Doctor has communication issues. Needs to talk to Ace and not ignore her.

That cat puppet is terrible, and my cat behind me meowing at me, makes it better.

Okay, I spoke too soon. The amazing thing is the horse mounted Cheetah.

Yeah, Ace isn’t outrunning the Cheetah on a horse. Oh! She didn’t! She transmatted elsewhere.

Okay, now she’s running from the cheetah on a horse, again.

It’s a kitty cat Master!

Part Two

Oh, it’s a whole species of cheetah people.

The Master with a purring cheetah is wonderful. He’s so affectionate.

These people should listen to the Doctor. Sure, he’s a condescending asshole, but he’s also usually right.

When the cheetahs fight with one another they hasten the destruction of the world. I wonder what that’s a metaphor for.

Oh, staying on the planet turns you into a kitty. Maybe that’s why they look like men in cat suits.

NO! Ace is a kitty!

Part Three


Why did they leave their horse behind?

Ace should’ve put a leash on her buddy and had her take her back home.

Well, turns out Ace could already do it, and didn’t need to be that far gone to do it.

Now why is the Doctor acting like Ace is perfectly fine.

Wow, I’ve never seen two motorcycles have a head-on collision and it lead to a mushroom cloud.

That was a nice ending. Ace is more of a badass, and their journey continues.

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