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Doctor Who Story 221 – The Girl Who Waited

So I apparently have 137 videos left to watch. If I watch one a day, I will finish on September 12, 2021. I wouldn’t mind finishing by June 30th, which means I’d have to watch 2.17 videos a day (some are Confidentials, some was webisodes), I think I can do this.

I remember liking this episode. I hope it’s still good.

I like that this episode actually shows Amy being smart. I’ve said it before, but it’s a nice change from Tennant’s companions where they never showed us but expected us to believe it.

Now that I’m seeing old Amy, I’m remembering that I hated the resolution of killing old Amy.

Doctor Who needs more consequences. Amy should have stayed that way.

Hug her, Rory!

Why the fuck should Rory get any say in which Amy to take back? It’s Amy decision, it’s her.

I really do enjoy how you doubt that Amy loves Rory, and she’s so mean to him, but they do show that she loves him.

Fuck you, Doctor. Fuck you so much. Oh and fuck you even more for making Rory choose. That is cruel.

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