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Doctor Who Story 225 – The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe


That just made me sad that Amy wasn’t there.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

I don’t remember anything at all about this Christmas special.

Is the Doctor just hanging out in the the vacuum of space? Wow this is more ridiculous than Doctor Who normally is.

How can the Doctor fall from space and be fine, but yet, he falls off a small tower and regenerates into Peter Davison.

I remember absolutely none of this.

Now I remember this, and now I want the Doctor as my caretaker.

Why aren’t Amy and Rory in this?

Oh, it’s Bill Bailey.

This episode is so bad.

Oh my god, that courtship is creepy as hell. “He followed me home.”

Two years? He keeps on being an asshole to Amy and Rory.

They should have just been in the episode.

Good As Gold

I have no idea what this is. Oh this is also written by children. *sigh*

Children shouldn’t write Doctor Who.

Pond Life

This is better, it’s written by adults.

The Doctor shouldn’t rap.

I want an Ood, they seem like lovely people.

Amy and Rory splitting is not explained in this, and it’s never explained in the upcoming series.

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