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Doctor Who Story 229 – The Power of Three

So many voiceovers in Doctor Who. Too many voiceovers in Doctor Who. This terrible voiceover sounds like the intro to a “quirky” sitcom.

Chris Chibnall, you can do better.

Oh god! new clips… NOOOOOOOO! I thought we were done with that now that we’re done with Russell T. Davies.

And now Amy is a writer? Where did that come from?

Kate Stewart being head of UNIT is good.

Flickr! Remember Flickr?

Brian is always good.

Brian asks how he long Amy and Rory were travelling during their party. He then asks what happens to other companions. The Doctor informs him that some, very few, but some die. The Doctor also says “never them, never.” What makes Amy and Rory more important than Adric?

Oh god, the ending voiceover.

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