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Doctor Who Story 296 – Revolution of the Daleks

God, is my memory so bad that I barely remember “Resolution” which I watched 8 days ago?

That was quite the deep swig of burning hot tea. You can even see the steam rising from the thermos.

Captain Jack is in the opening titles. Good for him.

Doctor Who needs to stop pretending humans are so dumb they never remember Daleks.

Especially someone in government.

Ahh, the Doctor in jail due to the Jadoon.

Poor Ood in jail.

That’s a lot of ticks. The Doctor has been there a while.

I like the look of this TARDIS.

At least someone remembers what a Dalek is.

Where are the rest of the companions? They all know what a Dalek is.

I love that Jack is breaking the Doctor out.

Dont clone Daleks, you dumb bastard.

The Jack and Yas relationship is nice.

Being with the Doctor, you don’t get to choose when it stops.

Poor Jack.

It’s not a beanie, it’s a toque.

I thought Leo was familiar. He was in Misfits and Utopia.

He’s sad about Leo?

This is a bad idea, Doctor.

How is “Maximum extermination” sending out other Daleks to kill mutant Daleks. Wouldn’t maximum extermination be destroying Earth?

Yas, she was in prison… for decades.

Graham and Ryan are adorable. I’m going to miss them.

Always on grass, always on a cliff. Bad place to teach someone to ride a bike.

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