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Martha Jones

Doctor Who Story 202 – The End of Time

Dreamland A decent story about Area 51 would be nice, but I don’t think this is it. But it’s nice that David and Georgia got to work together again. I assume they were a couple by this point. The Doctor making Die Hard and Alien references is great. I wouldn’t mind the Doctor having an indigenous companion. Uh oh, the military is controlled by an alien. This animation style makes David Tennant look sickly. There’s too many groups in this story. The US military, the Roswell Greys, the insects, the swarm, the robots. People pick up the TARDIS way too easily. Doctor, don’t set up other people with your wife.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 202 – The End of Time

Doctor Who Story 198 – The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End

The Stolen Earth The milkman looks like Spike. Are there still milkmen in Britain? Someone stole Earth. Martha! Wilf is the best companion. Good news, Rose is there to save the day! They all got into the opening credits, that’s nice. Russell Davies loves newscasters. Really? This is what she bothers with? The Earth has been moved and spaceships are en route, and she’s worrying about looters? Jealous Ianto. Martha is on a bluetooth headset with Jack, yet the general she’s conversing with in person hears Jack telling her not to do it. Wilfred with the paintball gun is fun. “Do you have a webcam?” “She wouldn’t let me, says… Read More »Doctor Who Story 198 – The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End

Doctor Who Story 193 – The Doctor’s Daughter

That hand’s gonna be a plot point. Don’t call your husband “dad.” Even when your dad is the Doctor and your husband is the Doctor. Martha’s become badass. Oh, the cliché backflipping through the lasers. And now quicksand? I wonder if anyone will ever bring back Jenny.

Doctor Who Serial 192 – The Sontaran Stratagem & The Poison Sky

The Sontaran Stratagem Were people really this scared of GPS? Martha! Hopefully this isn’t as bad as her Torchwood episodes. They’re doing a very old-school Doctor Who trope. Showing just a hand or the back of a head staring at a screen. Sontarans are ridiculous. Okay, this is the fourth episode of the season, and they’re already doing flashbacks? This is a very kids’ show episode. It’s like original Star Trek with the computers who are defeated with logic. The teenage “genius” looks like that guy. Cliffhanger! The Poison Sky Thank you, Donna’s mom! That was an easy solution. Though that is not how windshields break, ad it would probably… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 192 – The Sontaran Stratagem & The Poison Sky

Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood series 2

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang I’ve gotta say, the old lady saying “Bloody Torchwood,” might be my favourite part of the series. SPIKE! He breezed into that bar. Gwen needs to tell Jack that he needs to be honest with her if she’s ever going to trust him again. Oh fuck you, Jack! Stop telling people that your history doesn’t matter. The stupid western vibe is ridiculous, but I enjoy it. Glad Doctor Who has some good make-outs, thanks to Torchwood. Oh, Ianto is having none of Jack’s bullshit. Maybe not, he did accept his date. Aww, he killed Jack. :( Is it good to throw a bomb into the rift?… Read More »Doctor Who Story xx – Torchwood series 2

Doctor Who Story 187 – Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords

Utopia Jack gripping onto the TARDIS screaming “DOCTOR!” Is great. Chantho is a terrible concept. David Tennant’s gleeful smile at the thought of exploring this world is the best. I love Martha and Jack together. Still using projectile weapons at the end of the universe. The Professor seems to recognize the TARDIS. The Doctor can be angry, too angry. God, the flashing of Y-A-N-A is horrible. I really like Derek Jacobi as the Master. The Sound of Drums I don’t think Russell Davies understands how parliamentary democracies work. John Simm’s scowl face is perfection. The comical time bomb attached to the TV is so Looney Tunes. That was a lot… Read More »Doctor Who Story 187 – Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords

Doctor Who Story 186 – Blink

That is the best opening of Doctor Who history, I think. Though it’s also the best episode, too. “I love old things, they make me feel sad.” “What’s good about sad?” “It’s happy for deep people.” That is the stupidest thing anyone’s ever said, and of course it’s written by Moffatt. The creepy moving weeping angel, between shots is so great. The Doctor on the DVD is great, and the guy in the video shop telling the screen “go to the police, you stupid woman!” I’m surprised that Sally is able to get into the police garage without an officer. It’s convenient he lives until after he leaves. I love… Read More »Doctor Who Story 186 – Blink

Doctor Who Story 185 – Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Human Nature This story starts so well! How bold of a lady to ask the Doctor out. It’s 1913, know your place, Matron! Matron, Martha’s a physician, she might know more. There’s something about this story that really feels like 1980s Doctor Who. Creepy looking dude is about to get creepy. “I said hello,” could you be any more British? I think the drawings are the first time we knew for sure that the TV movie was considered canon and Paul McGann was the Doctor. Ugh, little girl with balloons. I love his parents being Sidney and Verity. Creepy guy is so creepy! The Family of Blood The Doctor ringing… Read More »Doctor Who Story 185 – Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Doctor Who Story 184 – 42

I just noticed as the Doctor fixes Martha’s mobile phone that she has a landline. I feel bad for Martha’s mother. Wow, this is a boring episode. Not as bad as I remembered, but so so so boring.

Doctor Who Story 183 – The Lazarus Experiment

Don’t touch Martha’s undies. You’re an asshole, Doctor. Martha has more than proven herself. Creepy dude creeping. “Do you think I’d spend another lifetime with you?” Wow dude. Martha’s mother should be concerned by the Doctor. This episode is better than I remembered. Not great, but not so terrible. Tee hee, he reversed the polarity. How did playing the organ save the world? We’re half way through the season and Martha’s only now a companion.