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Massey Hall

I Want The World To Stop

Massey Hall is arguably Canada’s greatest venue. It’s the right size, it’s beautiful to look at1, a perfect location, and most importantly, the sound… the sound is what a great concert should be. Belle & Sebastian, you fucked that up. The sound was muddy, at best. The vocals were buried, and for a band who prides themselves on the harmonies, this is a shame. Chris Geddes’ keyboards could barely be heard and your backing string section was made mute. Then halfway through the set an angel appeared, a bearded, bespectacled man shouted from the fifth row “TURN UP THE VOCALS!” Mick Cooke and Bobby Kildea started in on the opening… Read More »I Want The World To Stop

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.

On the weekend, I went to Massey Hall with the ever famous Millers. There was a gentleman who stood on the stage for hours on end ranting at us. His name was Eddie Izzard and he was rather funny. He talked to us about the Queen1, God, and a summer he spent in Ontario as a kid. He’s a really funny man, he talked about Charles Darwin’s book “Great Expectations,” which led him to Darwin’s better and more famous book “Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.” Most importantly, I believe that Izzard put forward a very good question, if the universe was created through Intelligent Design, then why is there poo… Read More »Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.