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Cars 2

I think when Pixar announced they would be making a sequel to Cars, everyone over the age of 10 was unhappy. While Pixar consistently makes some of the best films, Cars was one of the few failures. Financially, Cars was a huge success, but cinematically it wasn’t a very good film. Since Cars 2 came out, I’d been wanting to see it, just because it’s Pixar, but never really having the desire. I finally watched it, and I have to confess, it’s a good film. It’s not as good as most Pixar films, but it’s certainly better than its predecessor. Cars 2 is a spy film. Like the Bond films, the audience is immediately… Read More »Cars 2

There’s a snake in my boot!

In 1995 Pixar released one of the most important films of the past few decades, Toy Story. This film was historical if only because it was the first feature film completely computer generated. That alone is enough to put this film in high regard, but it’s not enough for me. What made Toy Story so good in my mind was the quality of the storytelling. Toy Story was about two toys, Woody, a cowboy sheriff, and Buzz Lightyear, an intergalactic superhero. Woody, as the leader of the group of toys sees his comfy life as the favourite toy challenged when Buzz Lightyear shows up at Christmas. After much adventure, they… Read More »There’s a snake in my boot!