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Rory Williams

Doctor Who Story 208 – Amy’s Choice

“Five years later and you haven’t changed a bit, except for aging.” Rory needs to cut off that ponytail. Wow, that was terrible.

Doctor Who Story 207 – The Vampires of Venice

Rory is wearing a stupid tshirt from his bachelor party. I recently walked by a woman wearing a shirt that says “I Do Team” or something like that. Made me think how horrible our society is that we make clothing for one wear only. HAHAHA! The Doctor, the cake, telling Rory that Amy tried to kiss him, and he’s a lucky man, she’s a great kisser. I love this show so much. Oh great a plague episode. It’s more fun when we’re in a plague ourselves. Amy’s a bit mean to Rory. My wife makes a good point. Amy is a stripper, so Rory should be less nervous about a… Read More »Doctor Who Story 207 – The Vampires of Venice

Doctor Who Story 203 – The Eleventh Hour

Hate the new logo, but the rest of the opening credits is an upgrade… though the old logo sucked, too. Amy praying to Santa is great. I like that the TARDIS has a swimming pool in the library. Matt Smith is great. The whole eating scene is such a great scene for the wackiness and wonderfulness that is Matt Smith. The Doctor leaving for “five minutes” and Amelia’s reply of “people always say that” is heartbreaking. And now she’s packing a bag to run off with the Doctor. Rory! Olivia Colman! Oscar winner, Olivia Colman! Amy is great! This doctor needs to listen to her staff. “Do I just have… Read More »Doctor Who Story 203 – The Eleventh Hour