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Canada’s Wonderland

Nick, Alicia, and myself headed up to Vaughan for a weekday visit to Wonderland. For those unaware, Wonderland is the major theme park in the Toronto area. We mostly went for coasters, but enjoyed a few other rides. I hadn’t been in about 8 years or so. When Lisa and I were first dating, we would go frequently every summer, but that kinda fizzled out.

The trio were able to ride a good chuck of the roller coasters, and Alicia was able to fulfill her desire to eat a funnel cake. A worthy goal.

Our goal to hit every coaster didn’t really come to fruition, but that didn’t matter, I got to try all the new ones at least.

  • Backlot Stunt Coaster
    • This was the last ride we did of the day. It used to be called The Italian Job, and the coaster wasn’t all that interesting. It was exciting that it launched you, rather than using gravity to fuel the ride. It was a bit jerky, but overall a bit boring. At one point you stop and there should be explosions, but there aren’t. It was lame. It was also a long line up as the back car was out of service. This was a newbie for me.
  • The Bat
    • Didn’t have a chance t0 ride this. We got in line, and didn’t want to wait. We’ve all ridden it a billion times before, any way.
  • Behemoth
    • This is one of the new ones, and it’s named appropriately. It’s HUGE. You have this strange minimalist lap bar that makes you think it won’t hold you in, and you often leave your seat in the ride as you’re being thrown every which way. The first hill is so large and such a steep drop that you don’t see the bottom of the hill from the top. The coaster is so large, that you don’t get an idea of what’s in store for you until you’re actually on the ride. It’s freaky, but so much fun.
  • Dragon Fire
    • The Dragon Fire (formerly known as the Dragon Fyre) is one of the original coasters at Wonderland. It’s the classic metal loop-de-loop with a corkscrew. It’s a classic, and as such was the first coaster we went on. I hadn’t been on a coaster in so long that I left the ride giggling like a maniac. It was so much fun.
  • Flight Deck
    • This used to be called Top Gun, and it used to hurt your neck incredibly as you rode it. It’s no longer called Top Gun, but it still injures you as you rock back and forth, smashing your body into the restraints. It was never my favourite coaster, but it’s a fun one.
  • The Fly
    • We skipped this one, it seemed no one really had fond memories of this roller coaster.
  • Ghoster Coaster
    • Another classic, but a classic we didn’t embark on. This is a kiddie ride, and while it’s a classic, it is kinda boring, and we had other rides to embark on.
  • Leviathan
    • This is the new massive roller coaster that puts the Behemoth to shame. It’s huge, it’s scary, and I continually reminded both Nick and Alicia while we were in line that we were about to die. While the Leviathan had the same minimalist lap bar design that Behemoth has, Leviathan’s seems to be more snug, and a better fit. While I didn’t leave my seat, as frequently, it was scary as hell, but SO MUCH FUN!
  • Mighty Canadian Minebuster
    • Another classic from the park’s opening. This is a wooden coaster, and will beat the shit out of you. As it banks and drops, you slide around in the car and you feel that any minute the track will give way. It’s one of the best rides at Wonderland still.
  • SkyRider
    • SkyRider is the standing up coaster, according to wikipedia it’s the first coaster they added after opening. We didn’t go on it. The line was long, and Minebuster was beckoning us for a second ride.
  • Thunder Run
    • We dubbed this one “Chunder Run” even though it was the least likely to cause chunder. It’s always a fun one running through the mountain twice, in the dark, with flashing lights, and fake tracks, etc. No chunder was spilled.
  • Time Warp
    • This one apparently used to be called “Tomb Raider” but I never went on it then. In this one you lie down on your stomach. It’s an interesting ride, as you’re locked in like a chicken in a rotisserie. Also, you ascend the hill in a circular fashion, rather than up a climb. Overall, the new orientation was interesting, but the ride was rather boring.
  • Vortex
    • Vortex is a classic amongst the newer coasters. Nick was in the driver’s seat, and nearly led us off course, but his steering remained true.
  • Wild Beast
    • Another classic from the park’s opening. Originally called Wilde Beaste, it’s now just Wild Beast. Again, it’s a wooden coaster that beats the shit out of you. I have to say that I had the most fun on this one. It’s a classic, and the ride’s 30 years old, but bloody hell, it’s so much fun.

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