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Doctor Who Serial 108 – The Horns of Nimon

Part One

“I’ll go check that the cargo is safe.” Walks into a room with 10 people scared and sitting on the floor in yellow jumpsuits, “WEAKLING SCUM.” This guy’s an asshole.

Is that Space Moses? Oy!

“You’ve been to Anith?” “Yes, but not yet.”

The Nimon is terrible! Jeezy Creezy!

Part Two

Wow, Doctor Who‘s special effects have never been good, but that spinning TARDIS bouncing off of the planetoid is incredible.

Romana! How can you lose your sonic screwdriver?

This dude is calling her a space pirate! YAR!

Wow, the centre column of the TARDIS shakes a lot when it rises and lowers.

Nice, the Doctor got to say “Take me to your leader.”

OH! The Nimon has laser horns.

Part Three

That took the Doctor and Romana way too long to think about the other sacrifices.

Nimon’s an asshole, and horrible effects.

Oh, there’s many Nimons. Nimonians. Nimonites. Nimogonians. Nom Noms.

Part Four

The Nimons might be the worst monster design in Doctor Who history. But that guy dressed as a raven is kinda amazing. That’s something I want to see celebrities wear on the red carpet, shouldn’t be day-to-day wear on a space ship.

YES! That’s quite the evil laugh. A cackle, if you will.

“How are we gonna get past them?” “Subterfuge!” YES!

I love the Nimon loin clothes. Are they that long because that’s the length of their dongs? Is that why they walk so awkwardly?

Wow, this guy is the hammiest ham in all of Hamburg.

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