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2010 Oscars

Best Picture Nominees

Avatar (20th Century Fox) I didn’t end up seeing Avatar, honestly I’m not disappointed by ¬†this fact. It looks kinda shitty and I have better things to spend $20 on. Also, I’m slightly bitter that Celine Dion won the Oscar over Elliott Smith. I blame James Cameron for that. The Blind Side (Warner Bros.) The feel-good movie of the year that will make you want to puke. Oh, fucking god! Another sports film. Not even that, the worst sport in the history of man, football. So, some random bloke drops two kids off at a private school, says, “here take them.” They take them, his wife doesn’t want one of… Read More »Best Picture Nominees

Performance by an actress in a leading role

Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (Warner Bros.) Really? Her performance is boring? There’s nothing interesting in this performance, or the character. She’s a spoiled rich white chick, who feels bad for a boy, and lets him live with her. Good for her. Quinton Aaron, however stole the film. His performance as Michael Oher was wonderful. Thumbs up to Mr. Aaron, meh to Ms. Bullock. Helen Mirren in The Last Station (Sony Pictures Classics) I didn’t want to post any of these without having seen all of the films, the torrent I found for The Last Station wasn’t a real copy of the film, and I’ve been home sick the… Read More »Performance by an actress in a leading role

Performance by an actor in a leading role

Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart (Fox Searchlight) I was disappointed with this film, it was basically The Wrestler, but with a country singer. Jeff Bridges did have a good performance as Bad, but I think the film was just a too clich√©. George Clooney in Up in the Air (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios) Fuck you! Batman does not have nipples! Sorry, wrong film. The character is two dimensional and boring. He can do better, we’ve all seen him do better… we’ve also seen him do worse (see above comment). Colin Firth in A Single Man (The Weinstein Company) Holy Crap, this is an incredible… Read More »Performance by an actor in a leading role

Best animated feature film of the year

Coraline (Focus Features) This is, in my mind, the first time that The Oscars have had serious contention in this category since Pixar started making feature length films. Coraline is incredible. I haven’t read the story by Neil Gaiman, but from what I hear, it’s brilliant, and this story of a young girl who is disillusioned with the real world, finds a portal to a mirror world, where everything is what she could hope for… or so she thinks. Hidden intentions are basis of this story, whether it’s the evil hidden intentions in the mirror world, or the good intention that her real parents can’t seem to express, until too… Read More »Best animated feature film of the year

Best Animated Short Nominees

French Roast Meh. Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty (Brown Bag Films) Granny O’Grimm tells a story to her young granddaughter about Sleeping Beauty, or at least that’s what you think at first, soon you realize the story’s about an old fairy. It’s a fun film, but nothing spectacular. Definitely worth watching though. The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte) In the still of her sleep, la Dama finds her soul leaving her body. She’s greeted by la Muerte, who assures here that she’ll rejoin her dead husband. A smile creeps up on her face, and suddenly she’s back to life, in a hospital. Thus begins an epic battle… Read More »Best Animated Short Nominees