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Tom Baker

Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

“The Day of the Doctor” is the 50th anniversary special, but it was preceded and succeeded by many many other pieces that were airing throughout that year. This post will cover them all. I’m going to add to this, that this 50th anniversary was what inspired me to watch every episode of Doctor Who. It took a long time to get this point. Almost 10 years. I’m proud of myself, good job Adam! The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor “As a kid I found the Doctor terrifying,” said Neil Gaiman. Yeah, he was a complete asshole. Oh nice, they got Ian to be interviewed. The ladies are so overcome by… Read More »Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who Story 239 – The Name of the Doctor

Clarence and the Whipsermen The accent of the chained guy sounds like the stupid accent that Noel Fielding does in the Mighty Boosh. The Name of the Doctor Oh, I forgot that this is how it started… the Doctor stealing the TARDIS! That’s a fun little start. Too bad Clara’s story is really stupid, and she’s in all his life. Oh, here’s Clarence. I do love Strax the more we see him. Why would him having travelled through time make his grave dangerous. So far, this episode is just “we have to go somewhere.” Yet there’s no reason given why they have to go there. It’s just walking around. With… Read More »Doctor Who Story 239 – The Name of the Doctor

Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Part One Jon Pertwee looks great! I have no idea who this person Pertwee is talking to, but it’s just the intro. Wow, those models of Hartnell and Troughton are terrible. As is this version of the theme, terrible. Tom Baker is great, “the grumpy one and the flautist.” McCoy’s hair is too long, the hippy! Wow, that doesn’t look like 2013. I feel like they’re trying to smoosh in too many lines for too many people. Susan looks good. I forgot how much I hate Peri’s terrible accent. I’m voting for Big Ron. Part Two “We’re helping Children in Need in Crinkly Bottom” wait, what??? Of course, Bessy makes… Read More »Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Doctor Who Serial 129 – The Five Doctors

Doctor Who loves that “One day, I shall come back” clip. Richard Hurndall doesn’t look much like William Hartnell. “Just a twinge of ‘Cosmic Angst.’” That’s my band name. Cosmic Angst. The nerdy teenagers will love it! God damn, just 30 seconds with Patrick Troughton makes me happy. He’s so good. Best Doctor. The Brigadier says that someone is his replacement and Troughton replies, “yes, mine was pretty unpromising, too.” Now I have no idea how he knows that as a character, but damn, I love that line, so much. Jon Pertwee’s abduction wasn’t as great as I would have wanted. Sarah Jane has a greater part to play in… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 129 – The Five Doctors

Doctor Who Serial 115 – Logopolis

We’re here. The final Tom Baker story. I’m gonna take a Doctor Who break soon. After this I’m going to watch K-9 and Company, which is the next Doctor Who item to air. Then I’ve got two serials that were animated that I didn’t watch before. After that I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I start up Peter Davison’s era. Maybe a year, maybe a day. Who knows. This past week seems like it was a whole year with this pandemic. Part One Oh that’s the Master’s TARDIS, just so happened to masquerade as a police box. The Doctor doesn’t do a great job of communicating with people.… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 115 – Logopolis

Doctor Who Serial 114 – The Keeper of Traken

Part One I started the episode, and then I got distracted by online grocery shopping. So that’s ten minutes of the episode without any commentary. Cassia’s hair and eye shadow are on fleek, is that what the youngin’s say now… on fleek? I’m hip. It reminds me of Working Girl, which I watched last night. “It looks almost alive,” says Adric as he approaches a stone like man who looks in no way alive. I like the beards in this episode. Oh shit, rock boy just vaporized the TARDIS.1 Damn, that’s bad timing for the Keeper to shout out “EVIL!” as soon as he see Doc and Adric. Part Two… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 114 – The Keeper of Traken

Doctor Who Serial 113 – Warriors’ Gate

Part One This feels like a Beckett play. “We have lift off,” two bored dudes shout, “yay!” Okay as this goes on, this feels more and more like a Beckett play. Every time they say “time winds” I assume they are talking about “time farts.” The dude just said more people were coming. Why don’t Adric or Romana think it’ll happen? “Give me a printout.” Part Two Cobwebs and skeletons, they’re covered in grime1. Vladimir and Estrogan are still sitting in the same spot, providing commentary. I think I missed something, why is K9 walking backwards? “This is important, I need you to do it.” “Energy levels critical.” “Oh, come… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 113 – Warriors’ Gate

Doctor Who Serial 112 – State of Decay

Part One This felt like Monty Python for a second. The Great One is rising, and wikipedia told me that he is a vampire. I’m afraid of this episode. I hope it’s not as bad as… “Immature humanoid, non-hostile.” K9 is very descriptive about Adric. Oh man! That cross dissolve to the bat was supposed to be dramatic… it was not. C’mon Adric, they’re giving you soup, now you’re asking for cheese? Part Two You call that a tower? My apartment building is much bigger. Romana needs to learn how to clink glasses without cutting herself. I’m liking Adric. Part Three People too often want to share power with the… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 112 – State of Decay

Doctor Who Serial 111 – Full Circle

Part One Apparently it’s Adric’s first episode. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Let’s find out. Who blocked this shot? The Doctor is having a conversation with K9 and he’s hidden. I like that Romana wants to stay on the TARDIS, but the Doctor should help her. As those people stacking watermelons? Are they fishing for watermelons? Or is that squash? Yes, definitely squash. Doctor Who‘s incidental music is some of the worst incidental music. Part Two This episode is very boring. That dude looks like Peter Davison. Part Three Oh, the squash is an egg for terrible arachnid puppets. Oh no! They’re attacking Romana! This set is… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 111 – Full Circle

Doctor Who Serial 110 – Meglos

Part One The first few minutes of this, I don’t feel like Romana and the Doctor are equals. She needs the Doctor to fix K9, but I think she should be able to do that. That dude’s wig is poorly fitted. Aww, someone likes the Doctor and WANTS him to visit. I think I could do a better green screen than the Doctor Who crew, and trust me, I can’t do one. So Meglos is a sentient cactus. At least it’s not a man in a rubber suit.1 The cactus put his mind into the nerd. Finally Romana is trying to fix K9. My video failed exactly at the start… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 110 – Meglos